How To Use A Parking Lot

Sunday, October 27, was not officially Halloween, but you would never have known it if you looked in the Clarkston UMC parking lot; Over 50 decorated trunks and somewhere around 350 people not only from our church but from our many surrounding communities came out to trunk or treat! What an awesome night. Mother Nature was kind to us this year and brought cool but clear weather. There were several returning families who I have enjoyed seeing each year, as well as, some newcomers who decorated their trucks for the first time. Guest were able to enjoy a hot dog, make a s’more, wrap each other up as mummies, decorate a pumpkins and most important enjoy each other’s company all in a short hours’ time.
Trunk or Treat, if you ask the young kids, might be about the candy or dressing up in your favorite costume. I cannot deny these things, especially when you are young, are high priorities. However, for me Trunk or Treat offers more than yummy candy, it offers our church the opportunity to welcome everyone in to a time of fellowship and community. In one simple, quick hour we are able to act out the importance of welcoming and acceptance that Jesus calls us to do to all we come in contact with. The benefits of Trunk or Treat extend further then that one hour. Participants are encouraged to donate their left over candy that will be packaged up by Angels in Training and delivered to the homeless people in Flint, when our church participates in the sleeping bags for the homeless on November 16. Each participate received a goody bag that had flyers that welcomed them back to our church for service, advent night, and Sunday school. Jesus calls us to be fisher of men. Trunk or Treat allows our church the opportunity to do just that, while looking kind of funny, dancing really silly and handing out some yummy candy. CUMC lets keep fishing and welcoming.

To God be the Glory!

Michele Ettinger

Family Ministry Coordinator

All In

Last night while running around between programs I had the pleasure of hearing a great story of hospitality regarding our church.  Kathy Gleason shared with me the story of her first experience at CUMC.  She and her family attended one Christmas Eve and right before the service started an announcement was made that there were plenty of costumes leftover for any child who wanted to participate in the children’s Christmas pageant that was about to take place.  Her son who was four years old at the time was excited by the idea that he could participate.   Continue reading “All In”


Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings Horses and all the King’s men
Could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Have you ever been Humpty Dumpty? I have. Days when you have fallen hard and felt shattered all over. Sometimes those days are seen a long way off. Other times, you get blindsided with events and news that take a wonderful day and make it one of misery.

Have you ever been the one who is trying to put together someone else whose life is shattered? Frustration can set in as we pick up a piece only to have it fall apart even more. Their pain can wash over you as you try to help. We can become the place where they release their anger even if we do not deserve it.  Continue reading “Disappointment”