The Most Important Thing

Have you ever wanted the secret someone else apparently knew that allowed them to be successful? Maybe they were able to lose the weight you struggle with or perhaps they had greater luck with growing tomatoes, with investments or a thousand other aspects of life. You knew if you could only discover their secret, you could do what they do.

Recently, I went to two conferences with leaders and staff from our church. They could have not been more different ministries serving in more different settings. One was at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. This is the largest United Methodist Church in the United States in an affluent suburb of Kansas City. The other was Church for All People in downtown Columbus, Oh. This is a relatively small congregation serving a very poor community. One has members who can write checks in the millions and the other has two thirds of its congregation who are either below poverty level or homeless. One is predominately white and the other is one of the most ethnically, economically, culturally diverse UMC church in America. Both are extremely healthy and successful ministries. Both are changing lives and proclaiming in word and action the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both are making disciples of Christ and both are making a difference in their communities. Both are known as exciting ministries. People go to them to learn from what they do. So what is their secret? What do they have in common amidst all their distinctive differences? Continue reading “The Most Important Thing”