A Night for All Ages

You’re traveling down Waldron road in Clarkston after a long hard day at work, just another day in a busy Holiday season, when suddenly you look to your left, and what do you see but a gigantic camel under a large tent, with a bunch of shepherds and angels around a tiny baby in a manger. This is not just another day…….

Such was the sight this past Wednesday night at Clarkston United Methodist Church. Family Advent night was celebrated this year by displaying a live nativity. This included sheep, a sacred cow, a donkey, a llama and of course everyone’s favorite Gunther the camel. Then there were the true stars of the night, the angels, shepherds, Joseph, Mary and tiny baby Jesus. Although the animals remained the same age, the characters in the scene changed from the very young to the well-seasoned about every twenty minutes. Whole families were able to act out the nativity scene together to put on their halos, grasp their shepherd hooks and truly celebrate the birth of our Savior as a family in Christ. We had high school small groups, Wednesday night youth dinner groups, choir members, Joyful Jogger groups, random we love Jesus groups of all ages; all take part in the greatest story ever told. What a beautiful blessing!
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