We can always learn from visitors

feinMy in-laws visited last week and came to church with me on Sunday. They were impressed with all the ways that CUMC is in mission to the community and my Mother-in-law was particularly interested in our Food Pantry bags. She thought that was a great way to encourage donations to our food pantry and took the idea home to her church in Ithaca, NY.

She also gave us a tip about something that has worked very well at their church. Continue reading “We can always learn from visitors”

In Just a Few Minutes

Just a few minutes can make all the difference. A few weeks ago the church staff began doing something for just a few minutes a day that is becoming very important. We wanted to wrap our ministry in prayer. We did not want to over script it, or make it a big event that would come and go. So we made a simple commitment. Every weekday, at 11:30 a.m. the staff, in the building at that moment, has committed to go to the sanctuary and pray for the ministry of the church. We scatter across the sanctuary and settle into a time of personal prayer. When each person has completed their prayer, they get up and go to their next task. It is simple and I have already found it to be some of the best time of my day. That simple act reminds us of our purpose. It is a way for us to stop for a few moments and pause to remember we serve a mighty God. It reminds us that nothing we are doing is more important than being at one with our Lord. Doing it at the same time in the same room, reminds us of what we have in common. Continue reading “In Just a Few Minutes”

Being a new grandmother comes with a new set of eyes. Recently there was a news story about a 16 month old boy that has been tugging at my heart. This little boy died in a home that hadn’t had utilities legally hooked up since 2012. His mother was at Michigan Works – a program which his mother was attending to help her find employment. She left her son in the care of an uncle and his girlfriend, with an apparently illegally hooked up space heater. The child died of hyperthermia in his stroller which had a blanket over it to keep the heat in. The autopsy reported the child had burn marks on his body. The uncle and girlfriend are in custody awaiting charges. (See Detroit Free Press, Jan 24, 2014,p 6A; WXYZ Action News 1/26/14)
So many things are going through my head right now – how many more children are at risk? What can I do? Continue reading