We can always learn from visitors

feinMy in-laws visited last week and came to church with me on Sunday. They were impressed with all the ways that CUMC is in mission to the community and my Mother-in-law was particularly interested in our Food Pantry bags. She thought that was a great way to encourage donations to our food pantry and took the idea home to her church in Ithaca, NY.

She also gave us a tip about something that has worked very well at their church. She told me to look up the Feinstein Foundation, a foundation that provides matching grants for local food pantries. I was interested but skeptical, we are a small food pantry and often Foundations have a lot of restrictions or hoops that you need to jump through in order to receive funds.

It turns out that the Feinstein Foundation is truly focused on ending hunger and because of that they have created a process that is very easy. All we have to do is collect donations, monetary and food, in the months of March and April. The Feinstein Foundation will match donations up to $35,000. They even give money for food! If you donate a jar of peanut butter for instance, they will donate a dollar.

It seems to me like this is a campaign is too easy to pass up! What a great way to continue our effort to feed those who are hungry in our community. If you have extra funds above and beyond your weekly tithes and offerings and you would like to join us in this effort, we would greatly appreciate it. You can donate in the office and you can drop off food purchases on the table near the crossroads. Also, if you work in an office that would be willing to collect food items for us during these months I would be glad to provide you with flyers. I am excited about CUMC partnering with the Feinstein Foundation to feed those who are hungry!


Mary B. Gladstone-Highland

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