Star Wars: The Myth We Live

George Lucas told Charlie Rose in an interview he hoped that the Star War story could become a modern mythology.  In its story, he hoped we could see the truth of what we believe as a culture.  He wanted his mythology, as all lasting mythologies do, would speak to us lessons of how to live our lives.  In it, we hear our story and our struggle and our victories reflected in the great story of the myth.

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Winning the Lottery

Did you hear anything about the Lottery lately?  In seems as if there is no place where you can go today where it is not being talked about.  Perhaps that includes even in our own heads.  I know I have wondered what I would do if I won.  Have you?

I know I would want to take care of family.  My grandkids would not have to worry about whatever training or education they wanted to pursue.  My parents and brother would not have to wonder how they would receive the care they need.  Laura and I would finally be able to plan for a retirement on a waterfront somewhere.  Yes, I would keep working here because I don’t think God has released me yet.  But I would also create foundations that would provide for long term investment in bringing the best in leadership to ordained ministry, serve the work of helping other congregations thrive in their mission and address issues of education in underserved communities.

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What a night of Joy!

Last night, our church went to the movies to see the “Joy”.  In fact, so many went, the theater we had to ourselves sold out and we had a good number have to wait 45 minutes to see the movie in another theater.  So thank you for those who were able to make that shift.  The great News is Great Lakes Crossing has promised the largest theater movie room they have next week so we will all be able to see the movie “Concussion” together on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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