What a night of Joy!

Last night, our church went to the movies to see the “Joy”.  In fact, so many went, the theater we had to ourselves sold out and we had a good number have to wait 45 minutes to see the movie in another theater.  So thank you for those who were able to make that shift.  The great News is Great Lakes Crossing has promised the largest theater movie room they have next week so we will all be able to see the movie “Concussion” together on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

It is something to sit in a packed house watching a movie with friends. I had the chance to talk to someone who had watched the movie as a guest of one of the members of our church.  She said, “It was an amazing feeling to sit in a movie filled with people who were connected to each other.  There was something about how it felt that was different from any other movie experience I ever had.  I as so glad I came.”

It was a great night of Joy.  I highly recommend the  movie and hope you will be able to be in worship with us Sunday.  There are some key messages from this movie that are timely and holy that we will be considering.  If you were not able to be with us last night, I promise you will be able to get a lot out of Sunday.  Maybe you can take some friends with you to the movie still this week and invite them to come to church with you on Sunday!

I pray for a great week for you and a holy powerful worship this weekend.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rick







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