Star Wars: The Myth We Live

George Lucas told Charlie Rose in an interview he hoped that the Star War story could become a modern mythology.  In its story, he hoped we could see the truth of what we believe as a culture.  He wanted his mythology, as all lasting mythologies do, would speak to us lessons of how to live our lives.  In it, we hear our story and our struggle and our victories reflected in the great story of the myth.

Star Wars is fantasy that is intended to speak to our life.  Like a mirror, we can see truth about our existence as we watch it.  We see the power of the Darkness and can immediately identify darkness in and around us.  We see the power of friendship and the pain of betrayal and remember our own similar moments.  We hear the blessing and wish it for ourselves, “May the Force be With You.”

In our daily life, we seem to live on such a smaller scale.  Instead of flying around the cosmos, we drive across town.  We rarely try to destroy a Death Star; we are just trying to pay bills, take care of the family and deal with the trauma of illness and difficulty with relationships.  But even for our lives, we yearn for a power or force to assist us.  Our need for faith is not usually simply a quest for theological knowledge, it is for power and hope and healing and joy and peace.

Our culture is not looking just for something else to do.  Few are hoping to simply be told how to live.  But we are looking for something that can make a difference in our lives.  We want something that can defeat the Darkness and let us live with joy and hope. That is what the world wants.  It is what I believe we have to offer in the faith. It is the only unique gift we have to offer that matters.  It is the power of dynamic, life blessing and world changing faith.  That is our witness to the world.

I hope you will be in worship this Sunday.  We will receive and share the power of Christ and be prepared to grow in as the Jedi of Jesus.  Come and may the Power of Christ be with you!

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