Spiritually Faithful

Last week, I reflected on what it meant to be spiritual but not religious.  More people now declare themselves to be spiritual but not religious (20% of our country) than ever before.  It is an interesting declaration affirming a spiritual reality about self while also seeking to reject any identification with a particular religion.

Spiritually aware people are attractive to me.  I am a spiritual being. I believe all people are and so naturally I want to affirm those who recognize that truth about themselves.  I am curious about how they understand themselves as spiritual. I want to know how they are spiritual.  How do they nurture their spirituality?  I want to see how their spirituality guides their life, their decisions, and their relationships.  I want to know what they think about their, how they worship and how they serve their God.

I am also curious what they think religion is and why they reject it.  Do they reject all religious behavior or are they against something specific?  Are they against mainstream traditions, new age religions or the religion of being a Spartan or Wolverine?

In the sermon on Sunday, I said I was not religious.  Of course, that is not true.  There are behaviors I treasure as critical to what I believe.  I am religious.  What I should have said was I try not to be religious and not spiritual.  I want to practice holy behavior that touches my spiritual being and more importantly connects me to God.  What I desire to be is Spiritually Faithful.

I want the power of God I see in all creation and know to be within us all to live in me.  I want my life to reflect the power and grace and mercy and love and justice of God.  I want my life, all areas of my life, to be surrendered to this pursuit.  This includes my behavior some call religious and other aspects deemed secular.  For me, our call to spiritual faithfulness can not be compartmentalized.   Our spirituality is a gift where all we are and do can testify to our deepest truth.

What is the deepest spiritual truth about your life and your faith?  In addition to what you believe, what do you cherish about your faith that is in your heart and soul?






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