Two Special Nights

I want to invite you to two great nights of class starting this Monday. The following two Mondays I am teaching a second tier class on John Wesley. John Wesley’s story and message are critical for us as United Methodists to know and adopt to our life. I believe the we live in times very similar to those of John Wesley. His searching for faith and witness have a lot to offer to us now.

The first class will look to discover how Wesley became Wesley. The social forces and family structure of his youth give us lessons for our personal faith walk and ideas of how to make our home a place of deep faith and love.

The second class will address the witness of Wesley as a leader of the Methodist movement. His leadership and teaching raised up a new generation of faith on two continents and eventually created a global force of faith. That leadership knew moments of crisis, conflict, stress and ultimately an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that changed lives and sparked new hope and vitality in all of Great Britain.

I will be glad to be with you for the next two Mondays at the church if you are available. If you do not get a chance to sign up on the sheet outside of my office, just come and join in. I will be glad to see you.

See you in Worship.

Pastor Rick

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