Special Place

Where is your special place?  The place where you go to think, or be at peace, or unwind or get renewed?  Our special place can be everything from a garden to a golf course or a river or the beach or any of a thousand places.

As we wave goodbye to Summer past, I hope you had a lot of time in your special places and with special people who make the difference in your life.

This summer has been a powerful season of holy impact and life changing ministry.  For some who are new and others who have been around for a while, church has been a place of healing, blessing and renewal.

As we enter into this fall, I invite you to come and be in worship and reengaged in study and mission and fellowship.  I will be leading us to reflect on a Front Porch Faith where all are welcomed.  Here joy and truth create deep friendships. We yearn for this community of faith to be a special place that transcends seasons.  In the presence of the Risen Christ and in a fellowship of seekers and believers church becomes a special place that is unique.

I wish I could go to the river more often to find my special place.  But my heart is renewed and my soul comforted by the blessing of being in the community of faith that is my spiritual home.  It is my prayer that you will be able to be with us this Sunday and the Sundays to come for this place to be your primary special place and to make it one for others.

See you in Worship and at the Picnic.

Pastor Rick

One thought on “Special Place

  1. Brenda

    I do have a special place, which also ties in with Laura’s Sabbath of her sermon last week. It is a corner with my Bible and a wide choice of reading, easy access to music, a candle – a place from which I can look out and “be” in his world, no matter the season, almost every day. Also important are long walks. I have found over time that the more faithful I am with these times, the more God rewards me with the desire to spend time with him.

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