Teacher Gifts

Thank you, Mrs. Coke

You were my first teacher. When I got off the bus that first day of kindergarten with milk spilling out of my metal lunch box all over my pants, you were the one who helped me get cleaned up.   You set the bar for all the teachers who would come after you to shape my mind and my life.

Mr. Janche, you were such a dedicated teacher to us on those Sunday mornings. Every week you prepared lessons for us to learn in high school Sunday school. I apologize for what must have seemed to have been an uphill battle keeping our attention. I wish you knew now how much your caring for us and always being there for us really did shape our character.

Jerry, you know how much you meant to me. Back then I called you Dr. Stewardson as a sophomore trying to find a place to fit in. You invited me into your family and our Wesley Fellowship. You taught me the core of what it means to be a United Methodist by putting in my hands the works of John Wesley. Little did I know that simply reading an assignment could become a moment where a light switch came on and the path of my life revealed.

Dave, you taught me how to tie flies for fly fishing. That may not seem much like to some. But in that community education class, you were clear, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and gave me the confidence to gain an interest that will stay with me the rest of my life.

Thank you to all my teachers. The marks of grace and caring as well as the wisdom and expectations you all put upon me helped to make me what I am.

This Sunday, in worship, we will recognize the importance of teachers everywhere. Take time before Sunday worship to remember your teachers. Give God thanks for them and lift them in prayer. If possible, invite the teachers in your life to join us in worship so they can be honored. Come to worship this week and help us offer the blessing of the church for all teachers.

Remember, if you have read this blog, thank a teacher in church this Sunday!!

Pastor Rick

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