Taste of Grace

What is your favorite meal?  When asked the question our mind gravitates to the menu.  When we asked the question this week the responses included roast beef and mashed potatoes, eggplant parmigana, and baked mac and cheese.

We all have favorite foods.  I suspect that the answer to the question of favorite meal addresses more than the menu.  I expect it also has something to do with the location and company.  When you think about your most memorable meals in the past, does your mind take you to specific locations and people?

I think of Sunday dinners in Flint with grandparents, water buffalo burgers made by friends in Lucknow, India, common meals with seminary friends and chicken tenders with grandchildren.

The best meals are shared on tables of grace where interest is real, laughter is frequent and lives are shared as freely as the entree.  Those are the meals that fill our bellies, our hearts and our hopes.  That is why eating is a universal focus of every major religion.

Jesus knew the importance of a meal.  Throughout his life, he met all kinds of people at meals where truth was shared and lives were changed.  That is why the most sacred sacrament for the church universal has always been what we call Holy Communion.  It is where we gather together to find a place where grace is given to all equally.  It is a moment when we come to a menu that is more than the food in front of us.  It is a menu of mercy, power, grace and joy.  It reminds us of our past and points us to a future of God’s blessing.

This Sunday we are sharing with the World Wide Church in Holy Communion.  I will be asking us to consider the importance of a particular meal we will read from Luke 5: 27-32.  I hope you can join us in worship on Sunday as our community shuts down to celebrate the Taste of Clarkston.  Before you seek tasty treats downtown, I hope to join with you in worship at a meal that changes the world.

See you in Worship,

Pastor Rick



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