Which Invitation is Required?

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Whether you were traveling, having people in, surrounded by many or only a few, I hope you were able to find plenty of time to offer Thanksgiving for the blessings you are aware of and the ones that are yours unaware.

Of course, there has been no time to linger over our Thanksgiving.  We are being rushed into a new season seeking to overwhelm our senses, time and energy.  Before we open the door completely to what is to come, I ask you to indulge me as I try to take us back to where we have been.

The three invitations we have focused on in November were always intended to be gifts to help us navigate the demands of December.  Every day from this one forward, we get to consider which invitation is required to help us find joy and meaning in our life.

The three invitations are:

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This week we will make some very important decisions that will impact our future.  Let me offer this invitation to my Christian friends.  Be a Christian before you are an American.  Be a follower of Jesus before acting as a Republican or Democrat or Independent.  Pray for a discernment of what your faith is calling you to do in this election.  Then vote.  After casting your ballot, continue to be a Christian as you await the results.  Be a Jesus follower once the results are known.  No matter the results, remember God is still here, Jesus is still Lord and the Holy Spirit can still intercede and guide us.  Let our words and actions witness those truths.  We will neither gloat nor accuse.  We will work for reconciliation.  We will speak with reason and holiness.  We will act with respect and compassion.

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