Which Invitation is Required?

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Whether you were traveling, having people in, surrounded by many or only a few, I hope you were able to find plenty of time to offer Thanksgiving for the blessings you are aware of and the ones that are yours unaware.

Of course, there has been no time to linger over our Thanksgiving.  We are being rushed into a new season seeking to overwhelm our senses, time and energy.  Before we open the door completely to what is to come, I ask you to indulge me as I try to take us back to where we have been.

The three invitations we have focused on in November were always intended to be gifts to help us navigate the demands of December.  Every day from this one forward, we get to consider which invitation is required to help us find joy and meaning in our life.

The three invitations are:

  • The invitation given to each of us in every moment, to follow Jesus as our Lord.
  • The invitation Jesus gives us to reach out to others in the Spirit of the Good Samaritan and “Go and Do Likewise.”
  • The invitation to offer to others by our words and actions to, “Come and See” Jesus for themselves and make up their own minds and hearts if they are ready to live Invitationally.

 Follow                        Go                     Come

Each day, we get to accept and offer these invitations.

Is Jesus leading your words, thoughts and actions now?  Follow him!

Are there those around you need friendship, hope, help or faith.  Go!

Are there those you could invite to come to an event or worship or mission of the church to let them Come and See for themselves what you treasure in your heart.  Invite them!

These invitations, if lived out, will bless you, bless others and create a new world for the sake of Christ.  That is how you and I will find joy in these festive days ahead.

See how many invitations we will hear in the name of Christ.   Follow the Star. Go to Bethlehem.  Come and Worship the New Born King.

Seems like God might be inviting us to a new faith and life.


Pastor Rick

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