Holy Tuesday

Last night Jesus was back in Bethany.  The turmoil of the overturned tables of yesterday brought intense attention upon him as he reentered the Temple this morning.  The Pharisees and religious protectors of temple tradition hated him for his actions.  To them he was a trouble maker and perhaps worst.  To others, he was a breath of fresh hope and a new found hero.  He carried for them the possibility change was coming and their hope for a better place in the social order was placed on his shoulders.

This morning, the minute he entered the Temple, all eyes were on him.  Some with stares of hate and others with adoration.  Today what he would do or say would confirm his future.

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Holy Monday

This is a week filled with more drama and revelation than any other in the history of the world.  Each of the four Gospels make that clear as they tell the story of the final days of Jesus’ life before the Resurrection.

It is not surprising the four Gospels all represent these final days differently.  They share many of the same events.  Each has included moments others did not record. (for example Matthew and Mark tell the story of Jesus cursing a fig tree Matthew 22: 18-22 and Mark 11: 12-14,20-26. and Luke or John do not include it).   In a few places, teachings of Jesus some of the Gospels recorded earlier in his ministry are woven into the Passion week narrative of others.  The Gospel of John includes long sections unique to itself. (much of John 13,14 and 15).

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Palm Sunday Crowd

What do you think of when you consider the crowd that waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna” as Jesus entered Jerusalem?

Maybe you think of children waving palm branches.  They were unaware of the significance of that parade.  But they knew fun when they saw it.  Perhaps they noticed Jesus as one who actually cared about them.  Maybe they hardly noticed him as they played with their friends.   It is interesting to me that in the middle of such a critical moment of the Gospel, children are in the center of the action.  They are not put off to the side or told to be quiet.  It is a day for them. It still is.

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Jesus is more than a Buddy

Jesus is more than a buddy. That may seem obvious to you. However, last night in class there was one powerful aha moment. We are all about relationships. We focus as a culture and a church on having quality relationships. Our faith may be described as those who have a relationship with Jesus.

But that is not what the creed of the early church. Apostle Paul did not write his relationship with Jesus. The early creeds like the Apostles Creed did not invite us to have a relationship with Jesus. Their message was simple and direct. Jesus is Lord.

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